Wiktoria Niewiadomska – Plakat NR.2


LIMITED EDITION – each print is hand signed by the artist. Black and white illustrations will match your interior. Intriguing combinations with animal skull theme will diversify your space. The artwork is perfect as a painting for your living room or bedroom.

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Wiktoria Niewiadomska

Studio: Repto Ink, Warszawa, Polska

Hey, I'm Victoria. I have recently knocked on my 3 years since I made my first tattoo. I work in the style of linework, blackwork, dotwork, and I prefer tattooing delicate anime motifs. Apart from the tattoo, I am a big fan of all kinds of vegetation and on my shelves at home there is not enough space for new flowers. I love cats, I have three of them and I'm slightly crazy about them. Tattoos at the Warsaw Repto Ink studio.