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Decorate your home with geometric print with foxes from Ewa Sroka from “Hard to Forget” studio. The poster is perfect for a bedroom or a living room with a bright interior. Colorful accents will enliven your space and give it a unique, slightly forest-like atmosphere.

Ewa Sroka

Studio: Hard to Forget, Łódź, Polska

She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.
She has been tattooing professionally since 2014. Since 2017 she was associated with Ładne Rzeczy studio in Lodz. In 2018 I was included in the album published by Tattoofest "25 polish female tattoo artists".
She tattoos mostly flora and fauna sprinkled with painterly tentacles, and her favorite subject is animal portraits.
She loves cats, potatoes and sailing. Currently you can find her in "Hard to Forget"