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Agnieszka Kowalska – “Cojabazgram”. – PRINT NO. 1


Print was made on a high quality paper. Artist’s feminine, delicate style and the monochromatic colors of her’s artowrk will combine perfectly with a modern, minimalist interior. Great as a decoration to hang on the wall in ypur living room, bedroom or home office.

Sold out!

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Agnieszka Kowalska - "Cojabazgram"

Tattoo shop: "Black Moon Tattoo", Toruń, Poland

I have been tattooing since 2014. My style is dominated by grays and a huge amount of small, "smoky" lines. When working, I usually rely on the client's idea and redesign it to aesthetically suit both of us. Occasionally I do guest spots. I am a rather peculiar person with an inappropriate sense of humor, which you can easily notice during the tattoo session.